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Frank & Connie Merandi 

Owners & Stylists

The Merandis, husband & wife, opened CONI & FRANC on November 29, 1982. They wanted to provide a place where a customer could get everything they needed in one place, & that specialized in high quality clothing and personal assistance.


Connie received her bachelor's degree in fashion merchandising & design with a minor in business. Frank graduated with his bachelor's degree in marketing and business. They both attended West Virginia University, and shortly after opening the store, were married on June 4, 1983.


The last 40 years have been a whirlwind of excitement, success, and hard work.  They still hand select every piece that comes into the store, making sure it is the finest quality for their clientel. Not only have they dressed countless brides, pagentry contestants, and ladies both young and old, but they strive to work with the community to support the youth & many organizations.


Just like 40 years ago, they train their skilled staff to uphold these "old fashioned", but important values as they serve each customer -- one at a time.


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