What should I have with me the day of my fitting? 

Your first fitting is the most important!


Our seamstresses believe that comfort and elegance go together. They work in detail to custom tailor your outfit to your needs. For the alterations to be an absolute success they need your help.  When visiting the store for your fitting, always remember to bring  the undergarments and shoes you will be wearing the day of the event with you. If you wish, Coni & Franc can also provide undergarments, shoes, and accessories. 

We can't guarantee a proper fit without these items. 

If you have consecutive fittings we encourage you communicate your preferences with our seamstresses. We also welcome pictures for large projects.

Starting February 2020 general fittings with our seamstresses will take place only on

Monday, Wednesday and Friday. 

It all starts with one little bead!

It all starts with one little bead!

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